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I am a 3D Motion Graphics Artist, fully capable of conceptualizing, developing and seamlessly executing designs.

I started out in print & identity work, when Adobe Photoshop was 3.0. I rapidly learned new tools as they became available, rejoicing in the early days of animated gifs, progressing to flash animations. As the industry of Computer Graphics booms, my focus is to develop the finest digital artefacts with Motion graphics and Visual Effects – of which I am particularly captivated by the fine art of flawlessly merging reality and virtual elements.

With the aim to perfect my skills and techniques as well as developing a signature style, I am keen to work on new ideas and to take on new challenges. Increasingly I am engaged to work in post- production on short movies and videos.

My portfolio is rapidly filling with a variety of amazing work, that are increasing challenging and fulfilling my experiences. With my creative mind and knowledge as a designer, given the right opportunity, I hope to continue becoming the perfect person in the perfect role, quickly reaching my potential.

This is about my past, are you a part of my future?

Kamal Krishna Resume

Demo Reel

Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up

-- Pablo Picasso --



  • I had the pleasure of working with Kamal while I was on project at Astro Digital in Malaysia. Kamal is an exceptional creative and a dedicated employee. As a graphic artist he makes design programs dance under his fingers and effortlessly weaves colour, style, placement, and imagery to evoke emotion through his creations. As an employee, Kamal was responsible, pleasant, always willing to assist others, very good at taking feedback on his projects, and dedicated to seeing a job done on time and at the very highest quality.

    Elena Newton, Inspiration Engine, LLC.
  • Kamal is an unique individual. Not only is he tech-savvy but also has solid design credentials. I recommend Kamal to anyone seeking a creative lead that not only can design but liase directly with technologists.

    Andrew Tu, The Trade Desk.
  • Kamal is one of the most creative persons I have met, let it be work, play or even making a video he is there for you 200%. I don't need to say much about him as the saying goes "A Picture paints thousand words", so do Kamal's designs.

    Vikram Manthena, Shakti Met-Dor Ltd.
  • I know Kamal as a friend and colleague. We worked together and he is an amazing artist and designer. He can get the work done at a lightning speed, with perfection.

    Surekha P, Elliott Animation
  • Wandering on the Information Gateway, which is a quagmire of information overload and the grazing ground of strangers, was fortunate enough to come across Kamal. I would just phrase it in 2 sentences: Do NOT BE WORDLESS: if in the wilderness of illusions a seed of creativity sprouts and blooms into a flower

    Sridevi Ganti, ThyssenKrupp Elevator
  • Kamal's second name is creativity and design. He used to give shape to ideas in no time and always used to deliver the best.

    Rajat Bajaj, Ericsson
  • Kamal is an exceptionally talented and versatile graphic designer. His quality of work is world class and much better than the output I have seen being churned out by some of India's larger Advertising agencies

    Masood Hussainy, Tata Advanced Systems
  • Kamal is an enthusiastic and creative person who can come up with good ideas even under pressure situations. Working with him on internal communication for corporate events, I have found him to be very good both at conceptualization and execution on all media types.

    Kuntal Hansaria, Tata Teleservices
  • Kamal was a very supportive and inspiring leader.... He was not leading as a leader but as a friend, which made it easier to work with him. He always strived for perfection and is the coolest Team Lead that I have had throughout my career... In short, He Rocks!

    Dilip Nellikat, HP
  • He gives you 200% more than anyone else can in terms of commitment and effort. Need I say more?

    Ram Mamidanna, ValueLabs Sdn. Bhd.
  • I have known Kamal for many years. He is a multi-talented individual with great expertise in the audio visual medium. His attention to detail is second to none and his work speaks for itself. Kamal is very passionate about his work and has struggled through great odds to become a person he is now. I highly recommend Kamal to any organization.

    Sharat Devisetti, Hindustan Machine Tools
  • Kamal is a real creative who can make "attractive" and acceptable designs at the same time.

    Baseer Siddiqui, Astro


    2013 ITV app Astro Self service - Third place at Euro ITV Grand Challenge for UI/UX designed.

    2011 ITV app Astro First - Third place at Euro ITV Grand Challenge for UI/UX designed.

    2011 My interview published in cgtoday.com.

    2008 First Prize in the Graphic Design Contest held by School of Visual Arts, New York.

    2006 Astro Get Interactive - First Prize for coming up with the best ‘Innovative’ and ‘Revenue Generating’ ideas for ITV.

    2006 Winner at Valmeet for Best Music Video by Valuelabs Hyderabad, India.

    2001 Animation “Idea” has been included in the CD of Computer Arts Special magazine.


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