About Me

Hello! I am Krish, a 3D Motion Designer, fully capable of conceptualizing, developing and seamlessly executing creative projects.

I started out in print & identity work, when Adobe Photoshop was 3.0. I rapidly learned new tools as they became available, rejoicing in the early days of animated gifs, progressing to flash animations as the industry of Computer Graphics booms. My focus is to develop the finest digital artefacts with Motion graphics and Visual Effects – of which I am particularly captivated by the fine art of flawlessly merging reality and virtual elements.

With the aim to perfect my skills and techniques as well as developing a signature style, I am keen to work on new ideas and to take on new challenges. Increasingly I am engaged to work in post-production on short & feature films.

My portfolio is rapidly filling with a variety of amazing work, that are challenging and fulfilling my experiences.

This is about my past, are you a part of my future?

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